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Healthy soils, healthy life

17 june 2021

Our Speakers:

Teresa Pinto-Correia is Vice President of the Mission Council, Mission Soil Health and Food from Horizon Europe. 

Bhim Bahadur Ghaley has a background in molecular plant breeding and agronomy.

Eric Palevsky is a researcher in the Department of Entomology at the Newe-Ya’ar Research Center.

Plant and soil: the perfect symbiosis

24 june 2021

Our Speakers:

Maria do Carmo Horta is a Professor in the College of Agriculture (ESACB) at the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco.

Felipe Pasini currently a member of the international consortium The Biotic Pump Greening Group.

Matan Rahav joined CropX in 2018 as the Director of Business Development.

Effect of soil function on life

01 july 2021

Our Speakers:

Tiago Lourenço is co-owner of the company Real Idanha.

Misa Pusenjak is an advisor for vegetable production at the Institute of Agriculture and forestry Maribor, Slovenia.

Tamara Korosec is currently an advisor for organic farming at the Institute of Agriculture and forestry Maribor, Slovenia.

Vesna Čuček is Head of Agriculture Advisory Service Department, on Agriculture and Forestry Institute Celje, Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia.

Biofertilizers: a path to natural farming

08 july 2021

Our Speakers:

Ginés Navarro Moreno is Chief Product Officer at KIMITEC Group.

Marika Pellegrini is a young researcher in environmental microbiology.

Stefan Geisen is an Assistant Professor in the Laboratory of Nematology at Wageningen University.