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Highly Qualified Human Resourses

Project name: Recruitment of highly qualified human resourses

Project code: CENTRO-59-2020-09

Food4Sustainability aims to put Portugal at the forefront of circular systems for production of food with low carbon emissions and reduced water use within period of 5 years. 

The goals to be achieved are the following:


  1. Creation of 12 highly qualified jobs; 

  2. Development and testing of emerging trends for mass production of organic food (targeting innovative SMEs and multinationals as well as specific R&D groups); 

  3. Training farmers for state-of-the-art sustainable farming techniques (e.g, optimal cultivation parameters will be determined for different macroalgae and their potential aquaculture potential; 

  4. Disseminating techniques (14 associated partners and promoters of a non-profit association, including universities, industrial companies and farmers' associations) on how to obtain higher yields in selected crops. This dissemination is carried out by specialised teams (education) and by CoLAB (experimentation) in vivo


Funded by 

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