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Feel Local: Filling the gap between local production and consumers

Attention: This survey is only for Portuguese people. Thank you for your understanding

Food4Sustainability, a collaborative laboratory in agricultural sustainability, and Building Global Innovators (BGI) have teamed up with the University of Turin, Italy, and the AN Group and BeYou, Spanish entities, to boost primary production and strengthen farmers' skills, through a European initiative provided by EIT Food and entitled "Feeling Local: Filling the gap between local production and consumers".

This initiative will take place in three countries - Portugal, Spain and Italy - and aims to study consumption trends by the population, characterize local production and add value to local food production.

Feel Local is based on population surveys, namely to producers and consumers, to assess the perception, awareness, and opinion of consumers about local production and the quality of local food products, analyse the consumption profile and identify the motivations and barriers, to promote these products.

Feel Local will promote consumer preferences and awareness of local products through workshops for representatives of the agri-food sector and opens the door to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the production chains.

Based on the data collected from the surveys and the results of the meeting with representatives of the agri-food sector, this project aims to develop a marketing platform, a course on best practices in sustainability, marketing strategies and product valorisation, and to develop contact networks between producers and consumers.

For more information, please contact

Cláudia Costa, F4S Project Manager


About EIT Food

EIT Food is an organ of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) and aims to build an inclusive and innovative community of diverse partners from the food sector to enhance innovation and entrepreneurship in this sector across Europe.

About the Food4Sustainability (F4S) CoLAB

The Food4Sustainability (F4S) CoLAB is a collaborative laboratory that is at the forefront of changing linear agri-food production processes to circular and resilient processes. The goal of the F4S CoLAB is to test and implement new approaches in food production systems that positively impact: CO2 mitigation, no use of chemicals, sustainable intensification (maximizing land use), preservation of waterways and environmental impact, and efficiency in the food value chain.

About BGI - Building Global Innovators

Building Global Innovators (BGI) is an international accelerator of deep-tech start-ups - spin-off of MIT Portugal - that for the last 11 years has been empowering and connecting technology-based start-ups with investors, mentors and clients around the world.

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