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Launching of CoLAB Learning Academy

The Learning Academy will be officially launched on March 21st! Born from a joint effort between several institutions of excellence, this global academy led by F4S CoLAB will enable the knowledge sharing between small and medium-sized companies and specialist entities of research and innovation in order to develop and foster the skills of the future.

The training will be created by a scientific committee that already has the international presence of renowned entities such as EIT Food and Lund University in Sweden, and will focus on identifying problems and finding solutions that will allow farmers and others agri-food agents to keep up to date on best practices in sustainable agriculture. The list of training courses will include various topics on the digitization of agriculture and how it can be used in favor of pest control and the application of best practices in the enhancement of ecosystems and monitoring of soil and water, always with the aim of helping farmers to an easier transformation of intensive farming systems into sustainable and organic farming.

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