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New webinar series on sustainable diets

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

As a collaborative laboratory, we have a strategic agenda supported by practical and applicable activities that can create value for the entire food chain. Webinars are a practical way to disseminate content and examples aligned with our agenda.

Two of our strategic pillars, Sustainable Agriculture, and Functional Nutrition, are fundamental when we focus on creating and sharing knowledge centered on sustainable, regenerative, and circular systems in food production. On the topic of functional nutrition, we developed a series of Webinars in 2021, entitled "You Are What You Eat", which you can revisit here.

This time we are going even further, asking the question, "Is Sustainable the New Healthy?"

We recognize the growing trend of healthy eating as a movement that leads consumers to make certain food choices for the sake of their health. We wonder if sustainability - to promote both human and environmental health - can also become a mass action trend.

With this new webinar’s series, we sought to unite the two pillars, sustainability and food, and bring together experts whose work is, on the one hand, pioneering in their research on nutrition and sustainability, motivating for the practices developed and inspiring for the potential they present us.

In the first webinar of this new cycle (23 June), we are counting on the contributions of academics to understand if healthy diets are also sustainable and we will try to find a concept of sustainable diet in its social, environmental and economic perspectives.

In the second webinar (30 June) we will show good examples and best practices of sustainable consumption in public catering.

In the third and last webinar of this cycle (7 July) we will present sustainable food projects/products, based on the example of companies with marketed products, and from a retailer's perspective.

We hope with this cycle of webinars to open the doors to this concept of sustainable food, as a force that unites a basic human need - food - with the urgency of responding to climate change and feeding a growing world population - sustainability.

We are counting on your participation, register, and share this theme through your contacts. We believe that sustainable food will surely be the "new healthy".


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