Building Global Innovators leads new Food4Sustainability (F4S) Collaborative Lab

The BGI Accelerator - Building Global Innovators, was the entity selected to lead the new Food4Sustainability (F4S) Collaborative Laboratory for sustainable food production systems, also known as FoodLab CoLAB.

The CoLAB, research and innovation laboratories in collaboration with science, technology and higher education institutions aim to respond to national and global challenges, based on knowledge, enabling the creation of skilled jobs generating economic and social value in Portugal. The Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) in partnership with the National Innovation Agency (ANI) are responsible for creating and operating the Collaborative Laboratories.

Food4Sustainability was born from the need to solve problems that Portugal and Europe have been facing, namely regarding climate change, which in turn leads to serious consequences at the level of the food value chain and management of rural areas. This CoLAB will bring together institutions and companies to work on relevant issues that provide various technologies that can be tested to improve food production processes in terms of CO2 mitigation, null use of artificial chemicals, environmental impact and efficiency across the value chain. "From seed to distribution of products to the end consumer, the goal is to create organic products with low environmental impact and accessible to the growing population!"

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