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A message from our board of directors

Atualizado: 17 de fev. de 2022

The future is today. We live in a unique moment, when the will to recover from the pandemic and increase our resilience is joined by the will to transform attitudes and sectors of the economy. It is no longer just a question of public health or climate change, but of seeking full sustainability, economic, social and environmental.

All of us as consumers, and some of us as stakeholders in the agri-food chain, have a duty not only to ensure healthy food for a growing and ageing population, but also to reduce the prevalence of food-related diseases and impacts on the environment.

It is Food4Sustainability's mission to actively participate in this change by combining circular economy, sustainable agriculture, land resource management, ecosystem services, healthy food and entrepreneurship and innovation, with a focus on agroecological solutions supported by technology services, including digital.

In the coming year, we will continue to develop pilot and demonstrator projects, including agroforestry and aquaponics, training and capacity building actions for producers and events to debate and share experiences, promote good practices and raise consumer awareness.

This change will continue to be made in a collaborative way, with the partners who accompany us and with a dedicated and interdisciplinary team, whose motivation and commitment has built what we are today and gives us the strength to embrace the challenges.

After a year of effective activity, the path to follow is clearer. The mission and ambition are great, we will continue to face them with dedication and rigour. The future is today.

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