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An outstanding year

Atualizado: 17 de fev. de 2022

This is how we started 2022: full of energy, working remotely, and with two new co-workers joining the team. Their skills, project management and nutrition, will consolidate our focus for this year: applications for major projects and the development of differentiating services, based on CoLAB's expertise.

In 2021 we made great progress (you can check some of our milestones here).

For this year we want to go even further. Who knows if you can join us? After all, we are all in this great journey towards sustainability together - will we even get the chance to join in a real walk? Let's make sure we do.

While we wait, here's a little biography of our new colleagues, and be aware that we still have open positions (check our Careers page).

Meet Catarina Vasconcelos

Catarina Vasconcelos holds a BSc degree in Dietetics and Nutrition, a post-graduation in Paediatrics Nutrition and an MSc degree in Food Policy. Her work experience has focused on community nutrition, public health and clinical nutrition. She is passionate about the food system and how food impacts our health, environment, economy, politics, society and culture.

Meet Tânia Serra

Tânia Serra holds a BSc in Biotechnological Engineering and a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. She has 12 years of scientific research experience with a focus on plant responses to environmental stress conditions. She coordinated and supervised teams over these years in both national and international environments. In addition, she participated in several Assessment Centre projects with ToBYou to evaluate leadership potential.

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