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Biolog Awards 2022

In 2021, Food4Sustainability, a collaborative laboratory for sustainability in the agri-food sector, launched the first catalogue of national producers, organic and sustainable, in Portugal's first Bio-Region, Idanha-a-Nova.

Aiming to disseminate good practices, references and distinguish the good organic operators that exist in our country, the biolog platform seeks to be a window to what is best done in organic and sustainable agriculture in Portugal. This is the national catalogue of organic producers and operators, which distinguished some of its members, highlighting good practices in this edition of the event held in Monsanto.

"The 4th edition of i-Danha Food Lab proved to be a reference event in the areas of agri-food, sustainability and green economy, combined with innovation and building a better world," says Armindo Jacinto, Mayor of Idanha-a-Nova.

One of the highlights of the i-Danha Food Lab 2022 event, already in its 4th edition, was the awarding of the Biolog 2022 distinctions, made by Isabel Carvalhais, MEP. In her speech, Isabel Carvalhais mentioned how important these practices are for more producers to recognise the relevance of adopting sustainable production methods.

"The role of the Food4Sustainability CoLAB has been determinant, and the whole production chain benefits with initiatives like this", said Joana Grácio, the Biolog project coordinator, adding that "the distinguished, in the various categories, shared through their stories and experiences, that the path towards organic and sustainable agriculture is worthwhile and recommended".

The jury members had the difficult task of choosing, among the several applications received, those that distinguished themselves in the following categories:

- Innovation

- Social Sustainability

- Regenerative agriculture

The "green innovation train" passes through this type of initiative, which recognises in these innovative and environmentally friendly agricultural practices, the path that more producers should follow.

The laureates were the following:

- Bio-Freixo- Innovation Category

- Bio Azórica- Social Sustainability Category

- Herdade Do Escrivão- Regenerative Agriculture Category

Next year, the awards will once again highlight the best in organic and sustainable agriculture in Portugal.

Until then, if you are already one of the producers operating in Portugal, register here.

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