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i-Danha FoodLab - first business accelerator in the agri-food sector

The i-DanhaFoodLab was mentioned in the Quercus e-book as the first accelerator for companies in the agri-food sector.

The i-Danha FoodLab was referred to in the Quercus e-book as the first accelerator for companies in the agri-food sector, a pioneer in Portugal and one that can serve as a model for other countries.

The i-Danha FoodLab is an annual event that has been held since 2016. Located in one of Portugal's oldest villages, Monsanto, it is organised by Building Global Innovators (BGI) and Idanha Municipality. Here investors, companies, startups and entrepreneurs working in the food industry come together.

In the previous editions of i-Danha FoodLab there were more than 600 participants, 107 Startups, 30 press mentions, 22 international speakers and it was also attended by the Ministry of the Environment and the Portuguese Secretary of State for Innovation, Technology and Higher Education.

The i-Danha FoodLab emerged to empower ambitious entrepreneurs to build something new, a network and above all to build social capital to support the transition from the linear food system to a circular system. This event has been a success, so it has already been possible to observe the creation of six companies in the territory of Idanha-a-Nova.

This programme seeks entrepreneurs who are eager to put ideas into practice but need guidance and conditions for testing/demonstration. This support includes the verification of prototypes and validation of business models.

During the mentoring programme, the selected projects have access to experienced business catalysts, specialised mentors, investors, companies, presentations and contacts with the startup ecosystem of the BGI network. One of the main objectives of this food lab is to move towards a circular economy in food production, minimising waste while facing a major problem: the increase in population and the need to feed them all.

We expect a new edition in 2021, with all the excellence and rigour that has been seen in recent years.

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