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In September, Food4Sustainability will host an aquaponics workshop.

Are you a science student, researcher, entrepreneur, agronomist, chef or simply interested in aquaponics? The perfect workshop for you has arrived!

On 24 and 25 September, Food4Sustainability, a collaborative laboratory in the field of agricultural sustainability, in partnership with Aquaponics Iberia, a company dedicated to sustainable aquaculture and aquaponics, will promote a workshop on "Aquaponics - Introduction to Principles and Practices".

In this workshop you will learn how to grow delicious fresh and organic vegetables in symbiosis with fish. Aquaponics is an innovative technique of integrated farming of plants and fish. While fish naturally fertilise the water; aromatic, leafy or fruit plants assimilate these natural nutrients from the water and grow healthily. It is the replication of a symbiotic and natural ecosystem at the service of a circular production format, more sustainable and healthy food.

We intend to transmit the theoretical and practical concepts of this technique so that you can later use the theoretical and practical bases to develop your aquaponic systems. Everyone is welcome, from the most diverse professional areas and academic qualifications. What matters is to bring motivation and willingness to learn about this innovative and sustainable concept of food production. Learning to produce your own salads, aromatics, fruit and even fresh fish can be an added value in times to come, contributing to greater local or family resilience in terms of food.

This will be an activity with a duration of 14 hours and will take place in person on the weekend of September 24 and 25, between 9h15 and 18h00, at the Ecocampus Polo 2, Turcifal, municipality of Torres Vedras.

Considering the face-to-face space, registrations are limited. For registration or more information, you can consult here!


About the Food4Sustainability (F4S) CoLAB

The Food4Sustainability (F4S) CoLAB is a collaborative laboratory located in Portugal that aims to solve large-scale problems in biological food systems (e.g. food, fish, algae, vegetables) in order to achieve climate resilience. F4S CoLAB is at the forefront of the shift from linear agri-food production processes to circular processes. The aim of F4S CoLAB is to test and implement new approaches in food production systems that positively impact: CO2 mitigation, no use of chemicals, sustainable intensification (maximising land use), preservation of water bodies and environmental impact, and increased efficiency in the food sector value chain.


About Aquaponics Iberia

Aquaponics Iberia is a Portuguese company dedicated to the development of technologies and consultancy in sustainable aquaculture, with special focus on aquaponics, through the design, engineering and installation of new production systems in closed circuit and recirculation, with advantages in terms of extreme water savings, reuse of waste, non-use of pesticides and pharmaceuticals, reduction of CO2 emissions and reduction of impacts on fish stocks in our oceans. Throughout its activity, it has trained around 2,500 people on this subject in several countries.

For more information, please contact the workshop trainer directly:

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