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Mendes Gonçalves wins the 2020 National Award for Exporting Companies

Last February 24th the winners of the National Agriculture Award 2020 were announced. In this 9th edition some categories were added (Sustainable Companies and Innovation and Adaptation to Covid-19) to the previous edition (Young Farmers, Sole Proprietor, Agrodigital Companies and Exporting Companies).

There were 920 applications and the criteria used were different from previous years, which are adapted to the pandemic times we live in. These initiatives are essential and of the utmost importance as they allow for the recognition of merit, cases of excellence, the best in the sector, and good practices in the different areas related to national agriculture, agro-industry, forestry, and livestock. Agriculture has always been one of the most important sectors of the economy. Nowadays, in times of pandemic, agriculture has been found to play a crucial role at various levels. This was a sector that increased its productivity (much based on innovation) and not only resisted the economy, but also increased its European and non-European exports by 5.8% and almost 36%, respectively.

Mendes Gonçalves, partner of Food4Sustainability, was awarded the National Agriculture 2020 Award in the category of exporting companies. A category that aims to distinguish companies in the agriculture, agribusiness, forestry and livestock sectors that have stood out in the last three years for their growth and performance in foreign markets, contributing to the dynamics of internationalization of the Portuguese agri-food sector.

Mendes Gonçalves was founded in 1982, is in Golegã and is a reference in the food sector. It is a 100% Portuguese company that aims to develop vinegars, sauces and condiments. It bases its work essentially on innovation, creativity, quality and production. Authors of the well-known brands "PALADIN - temperos de Portugal" and "Peninsular", representatives of several brands, such as Gran Cucina, Reine de Dijon, Acetum, Blaze and Dom Tomate and produce exclusive seasonings for different clients of interest, where they are focused now. It is a company that adapts to the different challenges imposed and has already shown proof of this, when it comes to both the consumer and pandemic, by reinventing the business.

The Food4Sustainability CoLAB congratulates Mendes Gonçalves for this award and wishes that the future brings them more distinctions for the excellent work they have been doing.

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