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One Year of F4S Academy

A year has passed since we launched the Food4Sustainability Academy on 21 March 2021. With the purpose of disseminating knowledge about sustainable agriculture and relevant issues for the change in the food paradigm, we had the invaluable contribution of experts who shared their knowledge, studies and research in the most diverse areas over the past year.

Born from a joint effort between various institutions, this global academy led by F4S CoLAB aims to enable the sharing of knowledge between small and medium-sized enterprises and specialist research and innovation entities in order to develop and foster the skills of the future.

We developed in 2021 a portfolio of Webinars on the core topics on our agenda, such as by-product valorization and circular economy, soilless agriculture, the importance of soil in sustainable agriculture, and functional nutrition.

This year we remain committed to the mission of disseminating content and for that reason we are boosting 4 new webinar cycles on the following topics:

- Regenerative agriculture 24 March | 31 March | 7 April

- Carbon sequestration 28 April | 5 May | 12 May

- Digital tools for sustainable agriculture 26 May | 2 June | 9 June

- Is sustainable the new healthy? 23 June | 30 June | 7 July

The first cycle of webinars kicks off this Thursday, 24 March and registrations are still open. You can find out more information and register here.

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