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SAL Project – ‘Environmental Seed’ (Semente Ambiental) starts to be implemented

Atualizado: 17 de fev. de 2022

F4S CoLAB together with Idanha-a-Nova municipality saw approved the application made to the Environmental Fund, for projects aimed at a new environmental culture, under the National Strategy for Environmental Education 2020 - Sustainable production and consumption.

SAL – ‘Semente Ambiental’ project aims to implement and test through a pilot project, the future programme of consumption and healthy eating habits in all school education cycles in the Idanha-a-Nova region.

It aims to promote the involvement of the school community through a set of information, awareness, training and active participation actions, from the place of production to the place of consumption, which encourage more informed choices, resulting in a change in consumption habits and the adoption of more sustainable behaviours in food preparation. This project will target children aged between 12 and 14 years old attending the 3rd cycle of basic education in several schools of the Idanha-a-Nova region.

In the scope of this project, are foreseen several visits to the vegetable gardens, experimental cooking actions and training actions for kitchen staff. The first action to be implemented is the visit to the Hortas d’Idanha by several students.

Follow us in our projects area and follow the implementation of SAL!

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