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Unlocking the Secrets of Efficient Water Management: New F4S Academy Webinar Cycles

The F4S Academy is proud to organise another cycle of debates in webinar format, thus providing an accessible and practical form of knowledge transfer for everyone.


This year, the themes of the webinars will involve water management, functional biodiversity, precision agriculture and carbon credits and markets.


This first cycle will address the topic of Water Management.


On 8 February, we open the virtual doors to a new Webinar Cycle dedicated to the crucial topic of Water Management. We invite enthusiasts, professionals, academics and the curious to join us on this informative journey, where we will dive into the waters of innovative research and explore the essential elements of efficient water management.


We will bring together experts who are at the forefront of water management research to understand efficient water management (webinar 1). We will also explore what the technologies are for water management (webinar 2 and 3).


Webinar 1 - Factors for Efficient Water Management:


In this session, scheduled for 8 February, we will involve leading experts in the field of water management. Together, we will uncover the factors that contribute to efficient water management. From sustainable practices to innovative approaches, participants will gain insights into the various aspects that influence how we look after this vital resource.


Webinar 2 - Technologies for Water Management I:


Join us on 15 February as we delve into the technological frontier of water management. Speakers will present the key technologies driving advances in the field - from intelligent monitoring systems to innovation in water reuse. This session promises to be a technological odyssey, exploring how state-of-the-art tools are shaping the water management landscape.


Webinar 3 - Technologies for Water Management II


This third session, on the theme of Technologies for Water Management, will allow us to delve deeper into the emerging technologies that continue to shape the water management landscape, with presentations from renowned experts. It will take place on 22 February.


You can find out more about the programme here.


Mark your calendar and secure a place at these enlightening sessions by registering via the link. Be part of these engaging discussions that extend beyond academic circles, involving producers, consumers and all those committed to the sustainable future of water management.


Join us for another Webinar Cycle and help build a more sustainable and conscious future for water management.

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