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Veracruz tests a magnetic technology to save 20% of water consumption

Atualizado: 17 de fev. de 2022

Veracruz company group is dedicated to the cultivation of several varieties of Mediterranean almonds and its mission aimed the valorisation of Beira Beira region (Portugal). The investments were mainly applied in precision agriculture improving the efficiency of natural resources utilization.

Veracruz group is also one of the founders and a strategic partner of Food4Sustainability CoLAB.

Recently, Veracruz had started an emergent technology test, known as “Water-Smart” technology, that can significantly reduce the water consumption in food crops.

This technology is based in water magnetization that enhances the plant water and nutrients uptake, consequently saves about 20-25% of total water consumption.

The application of emergent technologies in agriculture, such as the AQUA4D®, are in the scope of F4S CoLab politics, improving the resources sustainability as well the preservation of the biodiversity and ecosystems of this bioregion.

This piece was written based on this article.

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