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Smart Sustainable Farms, Foods and Trade

European Digital Innovation Hub


The mission of the SFT- EDIH is to be a one-stop-shop to serve the agri-food sector in the transition towards sustainable farming systems supported by digitization of farmers, industrialists and retailers, which will enable traceability and quality of the value chain from meadow to plate. Moreover, it will promote a clear expansion and improvement of the digital transition of the agri-food sector in an integrated manner.


Digitalization of agrifood sector

To whom?

Producers, Processors, Distributors


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Smart Sustainable Farms, Foods and Trade
European Digital Innovation Hub




  • How?

Test before invest

The proposal is built on 3 segments:


1) ProducersWe will enable Mediterranean-EU Producers to shift to a more digital world: the digital transition in the agri-food (inc. animal breeding) sector.


2) ProcessorsFor Processors, we offer services related to the mapping of organic production, enabling circular economy and product traceability.


3) Distributors - thus covering the whole value chain from the Farm to the Fork - 

Finally, SFT-EDIH is offering Distributors blockchain-based track and trace capabilities.

The latter is paramount to foster the adoption of costefficient and environmentally safe tools for traceability, authenticity, and valorisation of food products and byproducts.

Capacity Building and Training

Support for Funding Opportunities

Facilitation and Intermediation Services

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