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Fruit hedges

Hedges, both from forestry and fruits, are a very important element in balanced farming systems.

It is possible to obtain the benefits of introducing a living hedge associated with the added productivity and space utilization of fruit trees and shrubs.

Living hedges help in the increase and maintenance of biodiversity by serving as shelter to various species, including auxiliary species, that feed on the pests that affect our crops.


In addition, hedges break up the landscape by physically separating the plots and serve as a barrier to diseases spread.


They also allow better use of marginal areas and lead to production diversification, offering greater economic resilience to the producer.


There is a need to study and disseminate this agricultural practice, finding the best application methods, from the way of management to the species and chosen varieties.

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Did you know that fruit hedges help attract one of the most important auxiliaries for pollination which is the bee?

Did you know that we can use different layers in the same line, such as trees and shrubs, that give a variety of production and benefit each other mutually?

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