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The 5 pillars of our strategy will be supported by practical and applicable activities, capable of creating value for the entire food chain.

Meet our current and future projects:


EIT Food Post-Harvest School

This programme offers a unique, intensive, and hands-on immersion on the topics of sustainable and regenerative agriculture and its impact on the food production systems (carbon markets, alternative proteins, short food supply chains and digital tools to support sustainable agriculture). Participants will be able to choose the most relevant topics for their activities.


EIT Food GROW Workshops

The Grow Workshops are educational sessions for debate on emerging trends and technologies in the area of sustainability in the agricultural sector.


RIS PDS - Feel Local Portugal

Join this contemporary workshop aiming to develop and strengthen the communication between producers and consumers (short supply chain).



Smart sustainable farms, foods and trade - European Digital Innovation Hub

We are the digital innovation hub for the agri-food sector, the single point of access for the digitalisation of the sector, from farm to fork.



This platform brings together all the organic operators. It promotes the sharing of contacts, knowledge and sustainable practices.



Improve value chains through innovative business models for small farmers.

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InnovPlanet Summer School

An unique and intensive immersion to state of the art methodologies and tools to develop sustainable agriculture with a focus on the importance of digital transformation and the implementation of smart farming technologies.



Valorising industrial waste through innovation in the production of organo-mineral fertilisers for the forest.

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Grão de bico

Proteina Verde: planting the food of the future

The "Green Protein: Planting the Food of the Future" report aims to promote a gradual transition to an agriculture and food system based predominantly on vegetable protein, thus contributing to reducing the ecological footprint of Portuguese and to mitigating the impacts of climate change. 


An Erasmus+ project aimed at creating a network of contacts between almond producers

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SAL - Semente AmbientaL

The SAL - Environmental Seed project aims to implement and test through a pilot project, the future program of consumption and healthy eating habits in all school education cycles in the Idanha-a-Nova region.

Sustainable Agriculture

Testing, implementing, and disseminating new approaches to agricultural food systems and their value chains to achieve economic, social, and environmental sustainability is our goal.

Image by Brooke Cagle

Highly Qualified Human Resources

Food4Sustainability aims to put Portugal at the forefront of circular food production systems with low carbon emissions and reduced water use within 5 years.

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