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The 5 pillars of our strategy will be supported by practical activities, capable of creating value for the entire food chain.

Meet our current and future projects:

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Raise participant awareness on the importance of sustainably grown food and healthy eating while also promoting cultural exchange by sharing traditional salad recipes via digital tools.


Soil Health and Function Laboratory

By examining the microbial communities present in the soils and their associated functions, farmers gain valuable insights on soil health and function.


EIT Food Career Day

Explore career pathways in the agri-food industry.


Career Day aims to show secondary school students how higher education routes can lead to gratifying and inspiring careers that will drive innovation within the entire agrifood value chain.

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Evaluates the potential use and valorization of co-products from the national agro-industry in the production of organic fertilizers. Co-products such as those from the brewing industry, fruit juices and pulps, olive groves, vineyards, and their bioactive substances.


EIT Food HealthySoil4Life Summer School

An immersive experience specifically designed to nurture entrepreneurial skills and empower individuals who share a deep passion for agri-food and sustainability.



Deep Tech Innovation Programme for Agrifood.


Accelerate capacity building in entrepreneurship and innovation of the higher education institutions involved, in domains of deep tech that enable agrifood by-product valorization.


Rede Nacional para a Alimentação Equilibrada e Sustentável

The National Network for Balanced and Sustainable Food applies an integrated approach to territorial food systems aiming to affect systemic change on food behavior and the valorization of the Mediterranean diet.



Integrated valorization of acorns and their by-products as raw material for the development of new innovative food products



Smart sustainable foods and trade – European Digital Innovation Hub.


The digital innovation hub for the agri-food sector is the single point of access for digitizing the farm to fork sector.


SustainableFoods TestBed

Supports companies to make their new digital products and services commercially viable.

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Montado Plus

Recovering ecosystems in

semi-arid areas and promoting stands with more adapted ecological structure in Montado.


Design for simple and advanced biodiversity monitoring systems that combine classical indicator systems with new technology to measure field biodiversity.


EIT Food Seed Bed Incubator

Startup market discovery programme.

A 4-6 month programme aiming to transform science and technology-based innovations into market-validated businesses.


EIT Food Grow Workshops

The Grow Workshops are educational sessions that debate emerging trends and technologies in the sustainable agricultural sector.



Promotes the inland regions, their companies, and their products by demonstrating the quality of their products to entities in the national scientific system.



Relates food choices and climate change impacts; promotes the production and consumption of local and seasonal foods, and works to reduce the carbon footprint associated with food transportation and storage.

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Supports the development of resilient and competitive production systems and enhances the provisioning of ecosystem services in degraded and marginal soils by facilitating sustainable fiber value chains in European industries.

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Innovation for Sustainable Aquaponics Systems; Increase production, brings together production and consumption.

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Agriculture Innovation using Remote Sensing (AIRS)

Intends to combine the areas of artificial intelligence and remote sensing to create a technological solution to monitor the grape leafs in vineyards.

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Improve value chains through innovative business models for small farmers.



Territorial network that promotes and raises awareness among the community on how to obtain healthy and sustainable diets through food education sessions, events and capacity building materials.



This platform brings together all the organic operators. It promotes the sharing of contacts, knowledge and sustainable practices.



Unleashes the structural transformation of the Portuguese forestry sector by promoting digital transitions, economic resilience, and carbon neutrality to strengthen forest sustainability and increase the sector’s business potential.

Grão de bico

Proteina Verde: planting the food of the future

Promote a gradual transition to an agriculture and food system based predominantly on vegetable protein, thus contributing to reducing the ecological footprint.


EIT Food Post-Harvest School

This programme offers a unique, intensive, and hands-on immersion on the topics of sustainable and regenerative agriculture and its impact on the food production systems. Participants will be able to choose the most relevant topics for their activities.


RIS PDS - Feel Local Portugal

Join this contemporary workshop aiming to develop and strengthen the communication between producers and consumers (short supply chain).



Obtain an optimized and innovative methodology to measure the effectiveness and impact of EU support programs in Portugal.

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InnovPlanet Summer School

An unique and intensive immersion to state of the art methodologies and tools to develop sustainable agriculture with a focus on the importance of digital transformation and the implementation of smart farming technologies.

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An Erasmus+ project aimed at creating a network of contacts between almond producers

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SAL - Semente AmbientaL

The SAL - Environmental Seed project aims to implement and test through a pilot project, the future program of consumption and healthy eating habits in all school education cycles in the Idanha-a-Nova region.

Sustainable Agriculture

Dedicated to testing, implementing, and disseminating new approaches to agricultural food systems and their value chains to achieve economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

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Highly Qualified Human Resources

Food4Sustainability aims to put Portugal at the forefront of circular food production systems with low carbon emissions and reduced water use within 5 years.

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