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About F4S

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Food4Sustainability CoLAB is a non-for-profit association dedicated to innovation in sustainable food production.

Its concept and circular production systems approach was developed through a collaborative process with relevant national and international stakeholders and experts as part of Building Global Innovators (BGI) collaboration with the Idanha-a-Nova (Portugal) municipality and involved various partners from the EIT Digital, Climate KIC and EIT Food networks.

What is a CoLAB?

In order to stimulate the creation of skilled jobs generating economic and social value in Portugal, the Government promotes research and innovation "laboratories" that bring together companies, universities and scientific centres, called Collaborative Laboratories (CoLAB).

The CoLABs aim to meet the challenge of densification of the national territory in terms of knowledge-based activities, through increasing consolidation of forms of collaboration between science, technology and higher education institutions, and the economic and social fabric. 

It all begins with a WHY

"We are fixing our food production value chain for a sustainable planet."

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We need to reach carbon neutrality in the food production system.
Carbon neutrality means having a balance between the emission and capture of atmospheric carbon.

Farmers and producers have a key role in this path to carbon neutrality in food production, and they need help - support, knowledge and technology - to transition to organic and sustainable farming.

To ensure the continuity of food for future generations, we need everyone's involvement and commitment.
The population dictates consumption trends, and for this reason, it is urgent to disseminate sustainable food and consumption practices so that, together, we can achieve carbon neutrality.

Why we are doing this work?


Our DNA is formed by our MISSION - our purpose, the reason we exist - to our VISION - how we intend to work while pursuing our mission, the image of the future we want to create - the GOALS and STRATEGY we have set out, and it relies on valuable EXPERTISE.

 It expresses how every cell in Food4Sustainability is an important piece to help reach carbon neutrality and to guarantee the future of food supply.


Create and share knowledge focused on sustainable, regenerative, and circular systems in food production.


Become a world reference organization, through the development and application of innovative, emerging, and low-cost solutions for CO2 mitigation and minimal use of chemicals, while promoting the efficient use of resources.


Solve complex, large scale problems in bio-based food systems for climate resiliency, whilst dramatically reducing in CO2 emissions.


Food4Sustainability has a fantastic team of partners, team members and support to be able to help the environment reap its benefits.

Goals âncora

Our Goals

Test and implement novel approaches to food production systems that can massively impact several value chains in terms of:


CO2 Mitigation


Null use of chemicals


Sustainable intensification

- optimisation of land use -


Water preservation & environment impact


Efficiency in the whole value chain in the food industry


Image by Markus Spiske

Develop and test emerging approaches and technologies for sustainable intensification of food production.

Image by Jason Blackeye

Build capacity of farmers to adopt state-of-the-art solutions towards sustainable agriculture techniques.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Provide education and experimentation for other communities of interest and disseminate techniques on how to achieve higher yields in selected crops through specialised teams.

Strategy âncora


The 5 pillars of our strategy will be supported by practical and applicable activities, capable of creating value for the entire food chain.

Expertise âncora


They say “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.
Food4Sustainability has a wide team of partners, team members and support to be able to help the environment reap its benefits.
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F4S has 15 founding members, including 4 research and higher education institutions, 2 industrial companies, 5 tech-based SME, 3 producer-focused organizations and is led by BGI, an international start-up/scaleup accelerator.

Image by Shane Rounce
Meet our Team


F4S has a multidisciplinary and talented team dedicated to supporting the agricultural sector by executing and building value from research, development and deployment of innovation initiatives based on smart and sustainable applications. 

Image by Toa Heftiba


From FCT who recognized F4S as a CoLAB, to our co-funders and network - our support is an essential part of our path.


Partners âncora
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