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The Academy is responsible for transferring knowledge that develops, promotes, and trains farmers, professionals, companies, and individuals in sustainable agrifood systems.

Our goal is to achieve more sustainable and balanced systems that support health and well-being.


Actions we cover:


  • circular economy with an emphasis on by-product valorization and aquaponic systems;

  • sustainable agriculture actions that transition conventional agriculture to more sustainable systems;

  • ecosystem services with a focus on carbon sequestration and water management;

  • functional Nutrition.

For whom?

  • Agents involved in primary production - farmers and companies.

  • National and international scientific system entities interested in partnerships.

  • The general public interested in the sustainable agriculture sector.


Who are we?

The Academy is supported by a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified trainers and communication specialists from various strategic areas of activity within Food4Sustainability.

Communication partners

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