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Rethinking Farming

Building Global Innovators (BGI), Idanha-a-Nova's collaborative laboratory - Food4Sustainability CoLAB (F4S), Lund University, Queens University, Polish Academy of Science, Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry (StMELF) and Maspex, have teamed up with the leading European food innovation initiative, EIT Food, to organise the Grow Workshops in Portugal - educational sessions to debate trends and emerging technologies in the area of sustainability in the agricultural sector.

Module I - Session 1
Rethinking agriculture - Demystifying the eco-regimes in PEPAC

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Module I - Session 2
Rethinking agriculture - Soil health

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sessão 2

Module I - Session 3
Rethinking agriculture - Plant health

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sessão 3

Module I - Session 4
Rethinking agriculture - Soil microbiome