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"Alimentar Portugal, do Prado ao Prato"

In order to mark World Food Day, CoLAB Food4Sustainability and InnovPlantProtect streamlined an online and completely free debate on the morning of 16 October 2021.

This initiative, divided into four themes, aimed to be a moment of reflection not only on the importance of food, nutrition and health, but also on the impact of food choices on the following generations and on the environment, intending to have the three aspects of sustainability under discussion.

«From the way food is produced to consumption habits, everything contributes to our health and well-being. Will we be able to produce enough food for a growing and ageing population, and cope with the challenges of climate change, and crop pests and diseases? How can we access and consume healthier food?»

These and other issues were debated with a wide range of experts, from farm to fork.

With three guests per panel and short presentations, the moment was for discussion and active participation of all stakeholders.

During the event, participants had the opportunity to see some of the questions raised answered and commented.

«Sustainability in food production is a dominant theme today. The concept of sustainability, which rests on three pillars - economic, social and environmental - is often debated in counterpoint. Is it clear to everyone what sustainability in food production is? And is there only one concept or one dimension?»

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