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"The ability to use smart technologies could make today’s farmers manage their farming practices remotely. For this to happen these technology need access to data usually collected by satellites and drones. The ability of implementing sensors in the field, on animals and in the soil which transmit real time data allows for cost-effective and accurate means to predict and protect the growth of agricultural crops."

Food and Agriculture Organization


Precision Agriculture: a broad range of applications

04th april 2024

Our Speakers:


Markus Gandorfer is leading the Digital Farming Group at the Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture.

Rafał Igielski co-founded SomiGRO, leading in soil microbiological analysis and agro-sector innovations.

Luís Figueroa works with earth observation and GIS to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss at Space4Good


Precision Agriculture Technologies I: Satellite and Sensors 

11th april 2024

Our Speakers:


Paula Mendes is a researcher and integrated member of the CERIS research unit at IST.

Pedro Laranjeira is currently working at XpectralTEK Lda (Portugal) as Vice-President for Global Sales.

Francisca Reis is soil specialist at Food4Sustainability. 

Complementary material


Artificial Intelligence in agriculture: new device helps detect diseases | Link

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Precision Agriculture Technologies II: Satellite and Sensors 

18th april 2024

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Our Speakers:


Ricardo Braga is Assistant Professor (2013 -) at Instituto Superior de Agronomia, University of Lisbon,

Cátia Pinto is the Executive Diretor at SFCOLAB

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