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"Aquaponics - Introduction to Principles and Practices"

Food4Sustainability launches a new edition of the Aquaponics - Introduction to Principles and Practices course!

Learn how to grow delicious fresh, organic vegetables in symbiosis with fish.

Aquaponics is an innovative technique of integrated farming of plants and fish. While the fish naturally fertilise the water, the aromatic, leafy or fruit plants extract these natural nutrients and grow healthily. It is the replication of a natural ecosystem in the service of a circular production format, more sustainable and healthy food.

18 & 19 june at Ecocampus Polo 2, Turcifal - Torres Vedras

Limited enrolment until 13 June!

Registration fee: 129,15 € (IVA incluided)

Workshop to be delivered only in Portuguese.

Reserve your seat!

Register for this workshop here!

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Payment by direct bank transfer

Pay the registration fee by bank transfer using the following information!

In the transfer, please inform the name of the person enrolled, so that we can better identify your deposit or transfer.

Please send us by email ( the proof of bank transfer, also indicating the name you used to register in this form (above), so that we can quickly identify and validate the completion of the transaction.


IBAN: PT50 0035 0197 00055966030 67


Banco: CGD

Nº de Conta: 0197055966030

Note: For payments by this method, your registration will not be considered complete until payment has been confirmed on our bank account.

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