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F4S leads creation of European Digital Innovation Poles

Updated: May 24, 2021

CoLAB leads consortium to promote transition to sustainable agriculture models.

The University of Beira Interior (UBI), Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon (FCUL), the Portuguese Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation (PT-MATHS-IN), Terraprima, Building Global Innovators (BGI), Biotechnology Center of Plants of Beira Interior (CBPBI), Abilis, Agrobio, KIWA Sativa, Fraunhofer and Air Centre are the 12 members of the consortium led by CoLAB Food4Sustainability, which aims to create the European Digital Innovation Pole (EDIH-F4S) to accelerate the transition to models of sustainable agriculture.

The application to the 'Digital Europe' Program was filled in early February, in order to integrate the European network of Digital Innovation Poles (European Digital Innovation Hubs - EDIH).

"The central objective of this cluster network is to offer solutions and services to the business challenges of digitalizing micro, small and medium-sized companies, in order to improve their processes, products or services, through automation or incorporation of disruptive technologies", reads up on the note.

In particular, this project aims "to train more than 7,700 farmers in Portugal in advanced techniques of sustainable agriculture, to implement improvements in 900 farms and to certify more than 200 of these" in next seven years.

The Digital Agenda for Europe will finance up to four EDIH from Portugal, with up to 50% financing of the planned activity for seven years, while the National Recovery and Resilience Plan will contribute with 25% additional financing.

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