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Food4Sustainability Academy is launching a series of webinars!

The F4S Academy will be hosting a 1:30 hour discussion each week, starting on 15th April 2021 at 4:00 pm GMT+1 (5:00 pm CET).

These webinars bring together experts from different institutions and universities around the world, to walk you through topics gravitating towards sustainable agriculture.

Together, the team will take action to inspire, engage and accelerate transition to a circular economy environment.

The first webinar series, Bioeconomy – Waste valorisation aims at identifying the challenges and opportunities of circular economy, recognizing the potential for valorisation of agri-food wastes and establishing the connection between environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The series will be followed by waste valorisation in olive; water management systems; valorisation in almond and ending the bioeconomy series we address agri-food waste.

The F4S Academy assists the transition from recipients of knowledge to productive agents, that realize ideas, boost employment and the modern development of the agri-food segment, through a series of targeted educational offers.

It stems from the F4S - CoLAB recognition that we all play an active role in the agri-food chain, and complement the European Union’s strategies, namely the Farm2Fork and European Green Deal, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We are confident these webinars will bring real value to the society.

If you would like to gain insights into sustainable agriculture systems to assist you in your role, this is the ideal place to start.

So go ahead! Join us on 15th April 2021 from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm (GMT+1).

Click here to join.

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