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Are you a certified operator in organic farming or production? Are you already registered in biolog?

Food4Sustainability will highlight the national organic production, through the promotion of the catalogue of organic operators, biolog, and their producers in i-Danha Food Lab, event that will take place from 4 to 6 November, in Monsanto, Idanha-a-Nova.

The biolog awards will take place on November 5th and have as main goal to reference and spread good practices in agriculture and organic production, by sharing differentiating and inspiring stories. And as such, to distinguish the best that is done in organic farming in our country.

In this first edition, the operators with the story that stands out the most in 3 different categories will be called on stage to be distinguished.

The story with the greatest impact on the community and promotion of any of the axes of sustainability (economic, social, and environmental) will be recognised with the Social Sustainability award. In this case, the capacity to create employment, innovate, stimulate the local or national market, support more vulnerable communities and/or promote education, while also promoting the maintenance of natural resources will be considered. For the Innovation category, the most innovative organic project will be considered, in relation to its originality and novelty presented, justifying the associated creation of value. The story with the greatest capacity to promote the regeneration of ecosystems and natural resources will also be highlighted, with the distinction of Regenerative Agriculture.

If you consider yourself a reference organic operator or know someone who deserves to be distinguished for his activity, see the requirements to participate here and send your story to until 20 October. The award is exclusive for biolog registers and organic certification holders.


Biolog is the National Catalogue of Organic and Sustainable Farmers, an initiative promoted by the Food4Sustainability CoLAB that aims to promote the national organic production. It is a platform that aggregates and disseminates the entire organic food production chain in a single space that promotes the sharing of information and all those who develop practices with a positive impact on the ecosystem and thus values producers and products produced in a more sustainable way.

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