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Are you a professional in the agricultural field? Your opinion is important to us!

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

In fact, your needs are our priority!

With sustainability as a reference and with the objective of diagnosing training, information and capacity building needs of professionals linked to the agricultural area, Food4Sustainability is carrying out a small survey and is counting on the response of all interested parties.

Food4Sustainability is a collaborative laboratory dedicated to the promotion and innovation in sustainable primary production and food. Its mission is to support the sustainable intensification of agri-food production, which includes the dissemination of more sustainable agricultural production methods.

It is carrying out a small survey, an integral part of a training diagnosis for the sector, with the aim of highlighting issues and/or aspects that may hinder or compromise the effectiveness of the development of more efficient and/or sustainable practices. This diagnosis intends, on the one hand, to survey the real needs that represent obstacles to a better performance and thus design and inform the respective entities of priority areas for the training of the participants.

You can access the survey here

Your opinion is important to us! In fact, your needs are our priority!

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