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Conference on Balanced and Sustainable Nutrition: A Success in Tomar!

Updated: May 29

On May 17th, the Municipal Library of Tomar hosted the Conference on Balanced and Sustainable Nutrition, an event held as part of the National Meeting for Balanced and Sustainable Nutrition, an initiative driven by the RNAES project.

Gathering over 100 participants from various sectors of the food system, the conference provided a platform for debate and knowledge exchange on the challenges and opportunities for healthier and more sustainable nutrition.

The first panel of the conference was dedicated to the presentation and sharing of experiences among six projects working on the theme of sustainable nutrition and the Mediterranean Diet: REDFRUIT4Health, Eat4Change, HARVEST, Revitalgarve, DM4You, and LA&DMMT. Following this, a roundtable brought together five experts from different fields: Rui Lima (Directorate-General for Education), Eunice Lopes (Network of Higher Education Institutions for the Safeguarding of the Mediterranean Diet), Francisco Caldeira (Office of Administration and Public Policies of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries), Liliana Sousa (Portuguese Order of Nutritionists), and Joaquim Teodósio (Non-Governmental Organizations) to discuss the challenges and opportunities of promoting balanced and sustainable nutrition.

The event underscored the importance of collaboration, synergy, and collective action for developing innovative and effective solutions to promote healthier and more sustainable nutrition for all.

The RNAES project – National Network for Balanced and Sustainable Nutrition is led by the Food4Sustainability CoLAB and was approved under the Recovery and Resilience Program, in the flagship initiative "Sustainable Nutrition".

The consortium for this initiative consists of the Food4Sustainability CoLAB, Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, Minha Terra Federation, In Loco Association, CCDR Centro, Young Farmers Association of Portugal, Biosphere Portugal, Lafobio Lda, Ervital Lda, Egocultum Lda, Renato Rocha Lda, and Monte da Provença Lda. In addition to this consortium, 22 partnerships created under the National Plan for Balanced and Sustainable Nutrition, led by the Local Action Groups, participate and are part of the network.

For more information on this and other projects related to our research pillar "Healthy Nutrition," contact:

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