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RNAES Project | Over 22 projects working together for Balanced and Sustainable Nutrition!

On May 17th, the National Meeting for Balanced and Sustainable Nutrition begins. The consortium of the National Network for Balanced and Sustainable Nutrition (RNAES) is organizing the National Meeting for Balanced and Sustainable Nutrition, taking place from May 17th to 19th in Tomar, Portugal.


As part of the Wellness Weekend in partnership with ADIRN and the Municipality of Tomar, this event brings together over 22 projects and teams working on balanced and sustainable nutrition across different regions of the country. The aim of the meeting is to promote the sharing of knowledge and experiences among various stakeholders, including nutritionists, local development technicians, researchers, policymakers, educators, farmers, and the general public.


May 17th stands out, from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm, with the Balanced and Sustainable Nutrition Conference at the Tomar Municipal Library, which will feature two sessions:


  • Sustainable Nutrition for Portugal – This session will provide a space for exchanging experiences and perspectives from various projects committed to promoting balanced and sustainable nutrition.


  • Promotion of Balanced and Sustainable Nutrition - What challenges and opportunities? – This roundtable will bring together experts in nutrition and health, agriculture, environment, education, public policies, and research. Together, they will discuss the challenges and opportunities for promoting balanced and sustainable nutrition in Portugal.


Registration is free but mandatory through the link:   

On May 18th and 19th, at the Mata Nacional dos Sete Montes, you can experience and taste the best of healthy and sustainable food from various represented regions.  


Join this meeting and be part of this movement for balanced and sustainable nutrition in Portugal!


About the RNAES Project


The project is led by the Food4Sustainability CoLAB and was approved under the Recovery and Resilience Program, with the flagship initiative "Sustainable Nutrition" aiming to:


  • Promote behavior change towards healthy and sustainable nutrition

  • Study and monitor the different factors that influence and promote adherence to the Mediterranean Diet

  • Create a framework for characterizing Territorial Food Systems to support decision-making and priority setting 

  • Promote the network and institutional articulation of the 22 ongoing projects under the National Plan for Balanced and Sustainable Nutrition 


The consortium of this initiative consists of Food4Sustainability CoLAB, Instituto Politécnico de Viseu, Federação Minha Terra, Associação In Loco, CCDR Centro, Associação Jovens Agricultores de Portugal, Biosphere Portugal, Lafobio Lda, Ervital Lda, Egocultum Lda, Renato Rocha Lda, and Monte da Provença Lda. In addition to this consortium, the network includes the 22 partnerships created under the National Plan for Balanced and Sustainable Nutrition, led by the Local Action Groups.  

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