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EIT Food GROW Workshops - second session on 27th November

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

The first session of the GROW Workshops, "Rethinking agriculture: soil, ideas and actions - case studies from the Portuguese territory", took place on 6th November.

This initiative, sponsored by the largest European network of food innovation, EIT Food, is being promoted in Portugal by the Food4Sustainability CoLAB and BGI - Building Global Innovators. The aim is to stimulate the adoption of new practices and technologies that promote soil quality, preserve natural resources and protect biodiversity, as well as fostering the opportunity for agribusiness optimisation through networking and collaborations between the various stakeholders.

As we had promised, we held the first event in an ambitious format, where from Idanha-a-Nova, we broadcasted to the world, via Zoom and Youtube, and we were present in partner territories, presenting several practical cases. At the end of the day, there were field visits, promoted by the partners.

On the 27th of November the session will take place at Centro Cultural Raiano, Av. Joaquim Morão, Idanha-a-Nova, from 10am to 6pm. Registration is open and you can do it here.

It will be a day dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector and on that day you can count with the presence of relevant speakers, such as Nuno Oliveira from NBI (Natural Business Intelligence and Clara Martinez, from the European Circular Economy Fund, a venture capital fund exclusively dedicated to the bioeconomy and circularity of the bioeconomy in Europe, among other guests.

In the afternoon session we will give stage to platforms supporting agro-entrepreneurship, among them Climate Farmers, a platform to support producers to scale up regenerative agriculture and reverse climate change, and i-Danha Foodlab, a new business acceleration program that supports for 6 months, entrepreneurs through mentoring equivalent to a prize in kind up to 15,000 €.

In the panorama of startups we will have among others the presence of Agrodrone, a company specializing in precision agriculture since 2017, Peel Pioneers born in the Netherlands, refines orange peels into valuable products for applications in food, animal feed and cosmetics, AgroGrIN Tech, specializing in sustainable solutions for a healthy world, applying tangible, ecological and economic processes, which promote the efficient management of fruit waste, thus avoiding serious environmental and economic problems.

Similarly, to day 6, this will be a hybrid session, so you can attend remotely through the Zoom platform, or in person, with the advantage of being able to participate in the networking sessions, as well as in the ideation session, which will take place in the afternoon, facilitated by TXM Methods.

You may check the agenda for 27 November here.

Review the first session here.


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