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Food4Sustainability is now part of the Portuguese Soil Partnership

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

The Portuguese Soil Partnership (PSP) was established in 2015 aiming to improve governance and management of soil resources.

PSP works under the framework of ensuring healthy and productive soils that are imperative for food security and essential ecosystem services.

This initiative seeks to take advantage of the impetus of the 2015 United Nations Declaration - International Year of Soils - to bring together the efforts of multiple entities engaged in sustainable land administration, use and management. Herein, promoting soil knowledge and raising society's awareness of the vital importance of this resource is of utmost importance. Members of the partnership includes public services, higher education, R&D institutions, private sector, competence centres and agricultural associations.

Food4Sustainability (F4S) research agenda is aligned with the focus of PSP, working on the promotion of soil fertility and functionality towards a positive impact on ecosystem services and the development of regenerative agri-food production systems.

F4S team develops and tests sustainable approaches that reduce the use and impact of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, using organic composts, fermentations and microbial consortia.

As part of PSP, the work developed by F4S provides the foundation for efficient soil management and accurate prediction of relevant indicators for harmonious and sustainable food production.

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