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The 4 Rs of Christmas - Reunite, reduce, reuse and recycle!

With the arrival of Christmas, there is a greater stimulus to consumption, which has a huge environmental impact. In this short article, we'll remind you what's important at this time of year - spending time with family and friends - and give you some tips for a simpler and more sustainable Christmas season. 



Bring family and friends together

Let's let go of the superfluous: the most important thing at Christmas is to be with family and friends. That's the true spirit of the season. Let's put aside unbridled consumerism and stop to appreciate the time we spend together. Let's value this precious commodity that is time. Let's remember with affection those who have already gone, and let's look especially at those who have the least, because they are the ones who need support and human warmth the most.




Opt for organic products 

To avoid food waste, make a shopping list of what you really need and avoid consuming too many packaged products. The ideal is to make most of the dishes and desserts at home, favoring local/regional/national products, bought in local shops and, if possible, of organic origin.


Christmas lights

Choose to use more efficient light bulbs with lower energy consumption. Don't leave the lights on when no one is home.




Christmas tree 

First of all, you can opt for an artificial tree that you can reuse for several years. Alternatively, you can rent a tree with a charitable and sustainable nature, such as the Fireman Pine. It costs 20 euros, of which five euros go to the firefighters. The aim is to give a second life to pine trees that have been cut down to clear Portuguese forests.


Christmas wrapping

Bet on reusing everything from wrapping paper and props to bags, jars, boxes and other materials with potential for reuse.


Make your own Christmas decorations

Reuse materials or, alternatively, buy items produced by social associations or local artisans who use sustainable products.




Christmas frying oil

Collect the cooking oil used to fry Christmas sweets and put it in a recycling bin.


Separate waste

Separate the different types of waste, reuse the wrapping paper and decorative bows and send the different materials for recycling using the recycling bins.


We wish you all a merry Christmas, with family and friends, simple and sustainable.

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